School Council Minutes

Welcome to our School Council page.
We, in the School Council, are a group of children who have been elected by our classmates to represent them and put their views forward.
We meet each half term to discuss ideas and suggestions that have been put forward to make our school a better place. 

Sc Council 1 2016 

As our recent minutes show, we, the School Council, have been interested in improving meals. We carried out our own survey and met with representatives from CCS to discuss our findings, some of which have been adopted.

School Council Sale 2017

Our first School Council meeting of the new year was held on Wednesday 12th October. This year we will be helping to explore how to make learning easier and more engaging for pupils. In our first meeting we split up into groups lead by Y6 councillors and listed all the things we could think of that helps us with our learning. This was used by the teachers to create a list of ideal learning behaviours. We will also be undertaking some surveys to find out more about what pupils think, such as the Children’s Society ‘Happiness Survey’.


panda sale


bingo jan15  


School Council Toy and Book Sale

 The members of the School Council organised and promoted a very successful toy and book sale to raise money for playground equipment. The children have chosen to buy pogo sticks, stilts and hula-hoops. The total amount raised was over £150. Thank you to everyone who supported the event.