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Ecole Le Couvent

le couvent

This year children in Class 4 will be linked with a school called Le Couvent.It is a Roman Catholic school in a small town near Tours called Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine. Children from Burrough Green sent cartes d'identité which they had prepared in French. The children from Le Couvent have sent us their identity cards in English. They have also sent us some information about their town. It is famous for its goats' cheese!

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French Games and Lessons

French website games

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le muguet 2018

french crepe 2018


Celebrating La Chandeleur  in Class 1. If you can toss the crêpe whilst holding a euro coin in one hand you will have good fortune for the year ahead.

International Schools Award

Premier Jour

To fit in with the whole-school Autumn Term theme of Origins, Class 4 studied the poem Premier Jour (First Day) by Jacques Prévert. They practised their dictionary skills by writing their own versions of the poem.

Freddi MurronPremier Jour

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class 4 french game






Class 3 read a story about the rainforest in Gabon. They learned the phrases j'ai chaud, jai froid, j'ai faim, j'ai soif, je suis fatigué, je suis triste. Which of Lilian's drawings illustrates which phrase?




















Class 4 playing a game based on the traditional song Promenons-nous dans les bois.


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For more details about the Musuem we shall be visiting go to

Itin France trip 15

French Theatre mar 15 2

dans paris

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