Getting To Know You - Meet Ms Hayesmore

a Anna

Thank you to The School Council for their interview with Ms Hayesmore.

What was your favourite subject at school and what do you like teaching now? Science was my favourite subject and I went on to study it at University. I also enjoyed Art and Music. As a teacher I love teaching Maths.
What is your favourite book or who is your favourite author? My favourite children’s book is ‘Clockwork’ by Philip Pullman. For grown up books, I like reading Crime and Detective books.
Where did you grow up? I grew up in Seaford on the south coast near Eastbourne
What was your favourite place to go on holiday as child and what would be your dream holiday? As a child we went on walking holidays to the Yorkshire Dales, which I loved. I enjoyed travelling around Kenya one summer when I was a student, and would love to go back to Africa, where the people are so friendly.
Do you like cooking? I used to love cooking exciting meals but my children are such fussy eaters that it’s not so much fun cooking any more!
Do you play a sport or support a sports team? I love to watch Tennis and have even slept on the pavement outside Wimbledon to get tickets, when I was a University student. I particularly like watching Roger Federer. I have started to watch Rugby more, now that my son plays, but I don’t support a team.
Do you have any hobbies or collect anything? My main hobby is singing. I sing in a Barbershop Quartet, which is currently on hold while we get a new 4th person. I also sing in a choir. I also love to knit, and probably own more wool that I could knit in a lifetime! I particularly like knitting socks as I have quite big feet, and I can make them fit me.
Do you play any musical instruments? I play the flute. I also used to be in a Recorder Quintet, so have all the size recorders at home. I played guitar as a child, but am a bit rusty.
What music do you like to listen to? I don’t really listen to music as I would rather be playing it. I do like American County and Western, especially as I used to Line Dance when I was younger.
Do you speak any other languages? I speak a tiny bit of French and some German, but am out of practice. When I lived in Wales I learnt a few words in Welsh.
What is your favourite TV show or film? I like The Great British Bake Off because I enjoy watching it with my family, and then sometimes having a go at the bakes with my children. My daughter makes fantastic shortbread.
Who are you inspired by? A teacher in the first school that I worked in called Mrs Everrett. She was kind and caring, but also has high expectations of the children. I try to be as good a teacher as she was.
Why did you choose to come to our school? What do you like about it? When I first walked into the school there was a really friendly feeling and when I went around the classes I saw people smiling at each other. There is a really special feeling to this school. It is welcoming and warm and friendly.
When you were a child, what job did you want to have when you were older? I wanted to be a vet and spent a long time persuading my parents to get a pet. When I was 15 I did my work experience at a Vets and enjoyed it so much that I went back to help out on my weekends and holidays. I then decided that I would rather keep animals as a hobby.
Where did you work before here? At Coton Primary School, which is another small village school.
If you were Prime Minister for the day, what is the biggest change you would make? If I was prime minister for the day, I would give more money to schools so that they could offer the children more extra-curricular activities like learning musical instruments, having different sports clubs or doing more cooking.