February 2017

Dear Parents, Carers, and Friends,  


When tragedy strikes, what are you to do? How are you to face the challenge? When this involves other people, who are close to you, what do you say? What is the right thing to do? 

It is possible to overthink these questions, when the truest instinct is to listen to your heart. I think most people will recognise the feeling of not being sure of what to say, or how to act, or whether the timing is right. However, we also feel empathy for our friends and neighbours and the urge to reach out. It is in our very DNA that we care, because we feel.

Personally, I think the simplest messages are the best. If we care we should let people know we are thinking of them. If we are sensitive to their situation, we will give them time, and because life has to carry on we need to let them know they can depend on us for help. 

Our theme in worship last week was ‘Love’ and I can think of no better thing to offer. When we write ‘All my love’ at the end of a letter it means more than a simple salutation. It is a way of saying I care; I am here for you; I will help to hold you up. So it can mean an awful lot, just to say it; just to hear it. 

The Lion Storyteller Bible is a wonderful book, full of beautifully written stories for children. In ‘The Kind Stranger’, which you will know as ‘The Good Samaritan’, Jesus is asked by a man who his neighbour is. In the story Jesus explains an important truth to the man that a neighbour is more than a friend, or someone who lives close by, but someone who shares our common humanity.  Jesus internationalised the question. 

‘My neighbour is anyone who needs my help,’ he said, ‘now you go and help your neighbour too.’ So when tragedy strikes, let us be open-hearted and true to our common humanity. Just as we depend on the love of others, let us give our love generously in a time of need. 

Rewarding Effort

As part of this year’s school improvement strategy we have been looking at creating an ‘enabling learning environment’ throughout school. Thinking about ‘Ideal Learner Behaviours’ and positive mental health have been themes we have explored this year, and in the last BuGle you will remember the importance of the children’s own readiness to study in improving performance and skills. 

Therefore, at next month’s parent consultations we will be introducing an overall effort grade to the data reports for pupils in Y1-Y6. In thinking about what we value in the classroom we have come up with these definitions for different levels of effort shown.

It stands to reason that those showing ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ effort will be the same children who are working to their potential, whereas there will be room for improvement for those with a ‘satisfactory’ or ‘disappointing’ grade.


 I am always ready for learning

 I always take pride in my work

 I persist and try again even when the work is hard

 I always act on my own initiative to get the equipment I need

 I usually find things out for myself

 I always act on advice to improve my work


 I am almost always ready for learning

 I almost always take pride in my work

 I try to have a go at work before I seek help

 I can be relied upon to get the equipment I need almost always

 I often find things out for myself 

 I almost always act on advice to improve my wor 


 I am mostly ready for learning

 I usually take pride in my work

 Usually I try to have a go at work before asking for help

 I usually get the equipment I need

 Sometimes I find things out for myself

 I need reminders to improve my work


 I am sometimes ready for learning

 I sometimes take pride in my work

 I usually seek help before having a go at my work

 I need to be reminded to get the equipment I need

 I rely on other people to tell me what to do

 I only improve my work when I am under close supervision

Interviews for a new Head Teacher

The Governing Body would like everyone to know that they will be interviewing shortlisted candidates on 9th and 10th March. Clearly, this will be a very busy day for us at school and they will let you know as soon as possible about the outcome, subject to all the satisfactory checks having been completed. 

Designated Persons for Child Protection

We would like to let you know that Miss Pledger has joined the Safeguarding Team at school as a Designated Person, with Mr Archer as the Safeguarding Lead. This should facilitate a smooth transition to new leadership, ensuring we are able to continue to meet our statutory duties. Nick Drennan remains as our Safeguarding Governor. If you have any concerns about children, or adults, around school, you may report it to any member of staff, who will be able to pass this on to the safeguarding team. 

As ever, appointments to talk to teachers can be made via the office.

Diary Dates

13&15.3.17 – Parent Consultations 3.45pm-6.30pm. There will be an opportunity to meet Governors at these events.

17.3.17 – Open Afternoon 2pm

22.3.17 – Resuscitation training 2.15pm for PTA parent helpers

24.3.17 – Frances’ Fun Friday Frolic (morning)

24.3.17 – Mothers Day Songs of Praise 2.30 pm

31.3.17 – Easter service 9.15am in the Church

31.3.17 – 2pm School Council Fundraising Sale

‘The most important command is this….Love the Lord your God. Love him with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength. The second most important command is this: love your neighbour as you love yourself.’ 

Mark 12:29-31