May 2017

Dear Parents, Carers, and Friends,

We have been blessed with incredible weather recently. As someone said earlier in the week, “There is no better place to be when the sun shines.” I couldn’t agree more and it has made the activities of Health Week all the more enjoyable. Thank you for coming out in such good numbers to support the children at Sports Day. I know some people like to see a succession of straight races, what you might call ‘traditional’ but things move on.

The key thing, for the health of our children, is to keep them active. Readers of this BuGle will know that we prize participation over spectating, so the high level of involvement and activity in our Sports Day is what is best for them, and the team competition is as keenly fought as ever. Of course, we hope you liked the races too.

Causes for celebration
The Bishop’s Lent Challenge is something that we participate in every year. It helps all the church schools of the diocese join together to think about an issue of our time. This year’s theme was refugees. The questions that refugees raise for us are difficult. No single solution can solve the problem, except perhaps peace across the world and a warm-hearted attitude to our neighbours that reduces the likelihood of conflict. Still, it is fantastic that we engage with these questions to foster understanding and tolerance in a world that needs it badly.

To explore the idea we first gathered together as many items the children thought would be needed on a journey: it was quite a pile! The problem was we could only take so much in our backpack. Decisions, decisions. In a weekly assembly thereafter we ‘lost’ something on the way. The first thing we ran out of was water, which led to our House Water Aid Competition. This raised over £100 to lay around 50m of pipeline to get water to where it is needed. In subsequent weeks we lost our phone, and with it contact with our friends and family. The children then wrote letters to refugees to let them know someone, somewhere was thinking of them. Gradually we lost more of our personal possessions, which led to the School Council sale of items we didn’t need anymore to raise more funds: a further £200+ in fact.

Schools are much more than spellings and times tables these days, and I think you’ll agree that projects such as these give a powerful context for learning about ourselves and our world, helping to keep us grounded and giving us a sense that we can do something positive. The Bishop agreed and gave us a Gold Award!

I also want to give a mention to our Y3/4 Tennis finalists, who finished 7th in the South Cambs Plate competition and 6th in the Cup. Well done to: Cody, Alfie, Noa, Ted, Freddie, Isla, Chloe, Lilian and Kitty.

The Burrough ‘Green Fingers’ Gardening Club has been busy too. You will have noticed the Tee Pee has returned, either in person, or on the Twitter feed, which provides a lovely shelter for small gardeners. However, the small gardeners have also been improving the habitat for beneficial mini-beasts. As a result we have ‘furnished’ our bug hotel, cleared weed from the pond, done battle with the stingers to liberate a stranded compost bin, planted a variety of ornamental and vegetable seeds and cleared our planters of weeds. Hopefully, we will taste the results before the end of term.

My next position
I did say I’d let you know what I’ll be doing after I leave. Having explored a few different avenues I have landed a job as a Progress Coach at Long Road Sixth Form College, so I’ll be seeing a few familiar faces in September that thought they’d seen the last of me!

The job involves working with a cohort of students to help them maximise the benefits of their learning. I will monitor progress, talk through issues they may have and hopefully help them to overcome barriers to learning where they exist. I will be part of a larger Learning Support team, so will need to liaise with others to find the right kind of support to suit the student. I will also have a large role in guiding them into future pathways, either careers or higher education. It looks varied, interesting and people-centred, and it certainly looks to be the kind of change I was after; including the ability to cycle to work and to meet my wife in town on a Friday afternoon!

Unfortunately headlice are doing the rounds again so please take advantage of the half term holiday to check and treat your child.

£1000 PE Grant – we need your votes
Building Services and Skip Hire firm Mick George is offering a £1000 grant to the winner of the Cambridge News Bag of Gold competition. We have been successful in getting into the final shortlist of 20. The most popular project as voted for in the online poll will receive the funding.
The online poll is now open so please visit and cast your vote to support us. Please pass this on to your friends and relations too!
The poll will close on Saturday, 17th June with the winner being announced on Monday, 26th June.
Thank you in advance for all your votes.

After School Swimming
After school swimming will start on Thursday, 8th June and will run on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays until the end of term (weather and pool conditions permitting). Sessions begin at 3.30 p.m.
Sessions will cost £1 per child for half an hour and will be on a first come basis. Only 15 children are allowed in the pool at any one time.
Season tickets can be purchased from Mrs. Nicholson or Mrs. Harris for £15 per child for the term.
All children swimming should have an adult accompanying them on site.

Dates for the rest of the term
5.6.17 – Professional Day, school closed.
6.6.17 – School reopens to pupils.
8.6.17 – Kwik Cricket Tournament, Lode 1-4pm.
12-16.6.17 – Y1 Phonics Screening Check will take place this week. Also Computing week.
20.6.17 – Y4 Mini Olympics, Wilberforce Road, 9.30 – 2.30
21.6.17 – Kwik Cricket Tournament, Babraham 1 - 4pm.
22.6.17 – Y1 Music Festival – Linton Infants 1.30 – 2.30 pm
22.6.17 – Meeting for Y6 parents about the leaver’s camp 3.45 pm (school hall)
22.6.17 – meeting for parents with Reception starters in September.6.30 pm
26.6.17 – Y2 sports festival at Linton Heights Junior School.
29.6.17 – Y6 rounders tournament at LVC 9.30 - 11.30 am.
4-5.7.17 – Y6 Induction days at LVC.

5.7.17 – Move up morning. Children will be introduced to their new classes.
7.7.17 – Abington Fun Run, 9.30 – 11.30 am
7.7.17 – Y6 leaver’s camp.
10.7.17 – Reports go out to parents.
12-13.7.17 – KS2 Production at 6pm.
20.7.17 – Leaver’s ceremony 6pm.
21.7.17 – Leaver’s assembly 2 pm
Over and out.

Appointments to talk to teachers can be made via the office.

I leave you with these thoughts.

Our beliefs become our thoughts.
Our thoughts become our words.
Our words become our habits.
Our habits become our values.
Our values become our destiny.