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Re-opening Information - Update 29th May
On the evening of 28th May, the government announced that they felt that all 5 tests have been met, allowing the country to move to the next phase of relaxing the lockdown.  As a result, Cambridgeshire LA have agreed that schools can re-open for children in YR, Y1 and Y6 alongside the children of key workers.  At BGPS, we look forward to welcoming Squirrels from Monday 1st June, Hedgehogs from Tuesday 2nd June and Eagles from Wednesday 3rd June.
Please read the "What You Need to Know" FAQs below before your child returns.

BG School re-opening to more children from 1st June

When BGPS opens to more children form June 1st, we are still committed to playing our part in the national response needed to keep key services running by supporting parents who have a critical role alongside the YR, Y1 and Y6 children.

Please check the list of critical workers (see link) and if you think that you are in one of the categories listed, please confirm with your employer that your specific role is necessary for them to continue their essential public service role.

If so, and you are unable to make alternative arrangements for your child, please contact as soon as you can so that we can plan provision for each week.  


Phased partial re-opening information 22nd May 2020

Based on the results of last week’s survey and staff availability, the governors and I have carried out a risk assessment which has been agreed with the Local Authority.  From this we have developed a plan for partially re-opening BGPS for some children.  This plan is based on the government documentation about the phased partial re-opening of primary schools for YR, Y1 and Y6 (and the continuation of provision for the children of critical workers).  It is worth remembering that this plan will only begin on 1st June if the government has met its five conditions.  We have been told by the DfE that they will not make this decision until 28th May.

Below, I have tried to answer some of the questions that you asked in the survey last week, and give you more information about the partial re-opening.

How are we mitigating against the spread of infection?

There are many ways in which school will be different in order to reduce the chance of the spread of infection, although it is not possible to eliminate this risk.  Our main actions can be summarised below:

  • children and adults who are unwell with symptoms of coronavirus, or who have someone in their household who does, must not attend school;
  • frequent hand washing (additional facilities and routines will be in place);
  • regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces throughout the day and the removal of unnecessary or hard to clean objects;
  • minimising contact between children and adults in school by altering classroom layouts to increase spacing, decreasing group sizes and staggering the timetable of the school day including start times, end times, playtimes and  lunchtimes . 

Can social distancing be maintained?

The DfE guidance concedes that: ‘early years and primary age pupils cannot be expected to remain 2 metres apart from each other and staff’ (DfE, 12th May 2020).  In order to minimise contact with other people, the returning children have been grouped into small social groups, and adults have been allocated to work with each group to create a self-contained “bubble”.   Each group will stay socially distanced from the other groups during the day, but within each “bubble” it will not be possible to maintain social distancing, particularly for YR.  There will inevitably be times where children within a group share space and equipment.  Seating will be more spread out than normal, and the amount of furniture will be reduced to give the children more space.  Older children will have their own workspace, which will be spaced apart as far as possible, but they will still come into contact with each other at times during the day.  In order to protect the staff, who are much more likely to be unwell with COVID-19 than the children, they will not be able to do activities that bring them into close contact with the children.


How will the integrity of each “bubble” be maintained?

There will be 2 adults with every group, one of whom is a qualified teacher or EYFS practitioner.  Having 2 adults per group will help promote social distancing e.g to accompany children to the toilets and ensure that they don’t mix with other groups.  The adults allocated to each group will remain with that group throughout the term – there will be no swapping of adults from group to group even at break times and lunch times. This does mean that if an adult is unable to come to school e.g. because of illness, then it will not be possible to for another adult to replace them, and so the group would not be able to attend school on that day.


Which children can return to BGPS in the week beginning 1st June?

Not all of our teachers and TAs are able to return after half term.  However, because our wonderful TAs have agreed to work additional hours, we have been able to staff three groups to accommodate the YR, Y1 and Y6 children (and still continue to offer provision for the children of critical workers). Each group will have a staggered start and finish time so that groups do not come into contact with each other at the start or ends of days, and so that the parents of children in different groups do not mix.  I will send more detailed information about new routines next week.


How will the children be grouped?

There will be a gradual return of the three groups during the week beginning 1st June so that we can embed new routines and review our social distancing as the groups return.

Squirrel Group – will return to school on June 1st

Squirrels will be based in Class 1 with Michelle Mingay, Learrne Hind, Sheena Brusell and Helen Brown; each adult working part time.

Start time: 9:10am 

Finish time: 3:00pm (M-Th) 12:20pm (Friday)


Hedgehog Group – will return to school on June 2nd

Hedgehogs will be based in Class 2 with Harriet Chubb and Nicky Pizey

Start time: 9:00am 

Finish time: 3:10pm (M-Th) 12:30pm (Friday)


Eagle Group – will return to school on June 3rd

Eagles will be based in Class 4 with Laurie-Lee McDowell and Jonathan Durham

Start time: 8:50am 

Finish time: 3:20pm (M-Th) 12:40 pm (Friday)

If you have children in more than one group, then you should follow the start and end times for your youngest child, and ensure that your older child does not come within 2m of anyone from another group upon arrival.

Please note that on Fridays, the school day will finish at lunchtime for all children (after they have eaten) so that teachers can plan for the following week and engage with home learning for the children that are still at home.

Will Home Learning still be set?

We will continue to set work for home learning using ClassDojo and our school website. Mrs Harris and Mrs Leadbeter will be working from home and will take the lead with home learning as Miss McDowell and Miss Chubb will be in the classroom every day.  The children in school will cover the same learning as has been set for the children at home.  

Thank you for your help, support and understanding throughout this difficult time.  This is not the way in which we wanted to be able to welcome children back to school, and we know that some children will find this very unsettling.  We will do our best to help them with this new way of working.


Free School Meals 
In these difficult and uncertain times, you may have found that your financial circumstances have changed, and you may now be eligible for free school meals.  We are currently providing weekly free food parcels to eligible families at our school.  There are wider on-going benefits to your child throughout their primary school education if you are able to receive free school meals.  Please follow the link below for information about eligibility and to apply online.

Support for Parents

The NSPCC has a good range of advice and support for parents and carers who are worried about the impact of the coronavirus on their families.

Gingerbread has advice and information for single parents, including helplines for parents to use.

There is also a government helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education. Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)  

If you need support at this difficult time, please contact us.  We will do our best to help, or signpost you to a service or volunteer group that can.
Details of volunteer groups in East Cambridgeshire can be found on the link below.
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