French Zone

Escape Room Challenge!
Revise clothing and rooms vocabulary as you help Madame Kelly to organise a party.
January 6th every year is La Fête des Rois - The Kings' Festival. In France, Epiphany is celebrated by the sharing of a special pie called une galette. Whoever has the special charm in their slice of galette can be the king or queen for the day.
Class 4's visit to the Europa Centre.

In Class 1 we learned a song called J'aime les Fruits

We tasted different fruits and said which ones we liked in French.


In Class 2 we learned to recite and act out the story Le Navet Géant (The Enormous Turnip).


In Class 4 we wrote about ourselves as part of our revision.

The following attachment has some helpful tips with helping your child learn French
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