Newsletter 17.09.21

17th September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers


To see what’s been happening at BGPS, please go to our Twitter feed:


Jeans for Genes Day

Thank you for your donations, we have raised £90.25 for Genetic Disorders UK, the national charity that supports children affected by a genetic disorder.


Next week …

Friday 24th September - Harvest Festival

Please come and share our celebration of the harvest in St Augustine’s Church.  We aim to start at 9:30am, and are really looking forward to seeing you there! 


We will be collecting for Jimmy’s this year and their wish list is: Pasta sauces / cooking sauces; Jam / peanut butter / chocolate spread / marmite; Tinned Veg; Salt & Pepper; Herbs; Stock cubes; Ketchup / Brown Sauce / Mayo; Sugar; Tea / Coffee; Coffee Mate; Drinking chocolate; Biscuits / Chocolate Bars; Cooking Oil; Fruit; Tuna / corn beef / tinned meat; Long life milk; Squash / soft drinks; Cereal. 


We will be collecting items for Jimmy’s throughout the week 20th-24th September – there will be a box in the lobby for donations.  Thank you for your support.


Next week …

Friday 24th September - Macmillan Cake Sale

This year, we will be holding an in-school “coffee” morning for the children after we return from the church.  We would also like to have a cake sale after school to raise additional funds for this incredibly important charity which provides such valuable support in our community.  If you are able to help set up and run the cake sale, please contact me.  Please support us by bringing cakes to school on Thursday 23rd or Friday 24th September for us to sell.  Individual cakes and biscuits always go down well.  Thank you!


Music lessons

We are fortunate to have three peripatetic instrumental teachers who visit school and have spaces. Welcome to Fallon who joins us this term, and has added some additional instrumental possibilities to our peripatetic offer.  Please contact them directly for more information:

Fallon Howe - Recorder, Saxophone, All brass, Drum kit and Singing 

Jo Pumfrey  - Piano

Dan Andrews - Guitar


Influenza immunisations

This year, all pupils from Reception to year 11 are being offered a flu vaccine at their school.  This is given as a simple squirt up the nose. It is painless, quick, and side effects are uncommon and generally mild. This is NOT the Covid Vaccination.


By having the flu vaccination, children are protected against the flu, which can be serious. Importantly, they are also less likely to pass the virus on to friends and family, especially those who may be at high risk from flu, such as babies, elderly people or friends and relatives with a serious health condition. It is predicted that we will see an increase in flu this year, due to previous lockdown measures and lack of natural protection. Vaccination is strongly advised to protect your child, your wider family and your community.


If you would prefer for your child to receive the flu injection, which does not contain porcine gelatine, please let your immunisation team know as soon as possible. The nasal spray offers the best protection from flu for children and young people, but there is an alternative flu vaccine available as an injection.

Please find attached some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this vaccine. In addition, information about this vaccine can be obtained using the following link:


Children will bring home a consent form on Monday* (one for each child) which must be returned to the school within 1 week. *The person who has parental responsibility must sign the consent form.


Yr 6 parents – secondary transitions 2021 now open

Parents need to log into the Citizen Portal to make an application.  Last year the majority of parents chose to make their applications for a school place online.  Parents must apply via their home local authority (where they pay their Council Tax to) for transferring from Primary to Secondary school.  This is the link to the Cambridgeshire online application process:


Suffolk Admissions:


Applications have to be submitted by Saturday 31st October.



We do have samples in school for you to look at including the shower proof school jacket.

The easy guide to inches: 24” is a 3-4years; a 26” is a 5-6years etc. (the second digit is the second age!)  The next deadline date is Midnight on Thursday 30th September


Upcoming Events

Please check our school website for information about future events, term dates, training days etc.


In the next two weeks….


Friday 24th September 9:30am - Harvest Festival

(see above for details)


Friday 24th September 3:30pm - Macmillan Cake Sale

(see above for details)


Wednesday 29th September - Photographs

Individual photographs will be taken by Tempest Photography on 29th September, Wednesday morning.  If you have children who are siblings in school (or who are at pre-school on Wednesday morning) then sibling photographs will be taken as well as individual photographs.


Anna Hayesmore and the Burrough Green Team


PTA News


Reminder PTA AGM - please join us for our first meeting of the academic year at 8pm on Wednesday 22nd September 2021 in the Reading Room. We will be providing hot and cold drinks (and there will be cake too!) and will have plenty of space for social distancing. Please join us to hear plans for the year ahead to support our children at school.


Bags2School - collection organised for Wednesday 13th October. Any donations of clothing, soft toys, paired shoes, accessories and soft furnishings gratefully received in black bin liners. No school uniform, duvets, pillows please. Donations can be brought to the collection point outside school from Tuesday 12th October. Thank you for your support!