Newsletter 19.06.2020

19th June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers


It has been really lovely to see children at home and at school engaging in virtual sports events.  Thank you to the parents who have agreed to allow us to post their child’s ClassDojo portfolio photographs on our Twitter feed – it is a great way for you all to see what other children in school and at home have been up to. 


I know it has been a long time since we saw some of you in person, and we miss you all terribly.  You are doing an amazing job to persevere with your home learning.  I know it is getting harder and harder to motivate my daughter.  (Although her procrastination activities are getting more imaginative – she and one of her older brothers were both sporting a pair of cardboard, highly decorated flip-flops when I got home from work yesterday!)


Take care and look after each other.  We will be together again, and I can’t wait to see you all!


Anna Hayesmore and the Burrough Green Staff


The Catch-up Tutoring Fund

I am sure that you, like I, were pleased to hear the government announce that there will be an investment of £1billion directed towards catch-up tutoring for children next year.  You can read more about what we know so far here.  As yet, I don’t have any more details about the proposal.  It is rightly targeted at the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in our society, so is likely to be directed towards deprived areas.  When I know how, and if, BGPS can access any of this fund and how we are allowed to use it, I will be able to give you more details.  We continue to plan for different scenarios for September (as we have been doing since lockdown began) looking at ways in which we can support our children as we move into the new academic year.  We hope that the class limit of 15 and the social distancing of vulnerable children and adults can be safely lifted before September so that we can welcome all children back to school.  We will let you know as soon as we know!


Class Structure for Next Year

Assuming we are back to normal in September, the class structure for next year will be the same as this year.  Please read the attached letter which explains this in more detail.



The class teachers have written reports for the children.  In line with DfE and LA advice, these have been written to reflect the children’s learning at the end of the Spring Term, when lockdown started.  The legal requirement to include SAT results and attendance figures (which would have been impossible to provide) will be lifted in law on July 9th, so we aim to send the reports to you by email on 10th July.  There will (assuming social distancing allows) be an opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher face-to-face towards the beginning of the Autumn Term so that you can discuss their learning needs in more detail.


Getting Back to School – the LA’s campaign to support parents in getting their children ‘back to school ready’.

Colleagues across the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Education & Social Care teams, and Partners, have been working on a campaign to help parents feel supported in preparing their children for the return to school (whenever that may be). It is aimed at primary and secondary aged children, and offers advice around seven key themes (listed below) There will be graphics, animations and links to supporting resources.   They are uploading the content to the Learn Together website. The aim is to roll out one theme per week.  The 7 themes are: general introduction, emotional health, anxiety and wellbeing, use of IT, sleep support, routines and boundaries, healthy eating and sustainable travel.