Our Values

At Burrough Green C of E Primary school our school values are aspiration, resilience and kindness.

By learning together in a Christian environment guided by our shared values of aspiration, resilience and kindness, we deliver a high quality all-round education which prepares our children for their future education; equips them with skills for life; and helps them to develop to their full potential.

The Aims of the School
• To promote strong and effective leadership to ensure continuity and shared purpose amongst all members of the school community.
• To create the right environment for learning, so that the resources available to the school are developed and put to their best possible use.
• To provide an enjoyable all-round quality education for all pupils.
• To promote a positive image of the school amongst the wider community.
• To ensure regular reporting of school performance indicators enabling all members of the school community to share in our achievements and to work together to address our shortcomings.

“Behaviour of learners is of the highest standard and relationships between all members of the school community are consistently attributed to the Christian character of the school.”
“Christian values are made explicit and are deeply embedded in the daily life of the school.”
“Committed staff encourage every child to succeed as they develop self-esteem, build positive relationships and a motivation for learning.”
                                                                                                        SIAMS inspection report 11/2015