School Development

At Burrough Green Primary School we are committed to continuous school improvement.
This year (2021-2022), we have five priorities for our school’s development as we continue to recover from the impact of Covid-19.

Continue to improve outcomes in Maths and English and mitigate against the impact of COVID

We plan to:


  •          Broaden children’s vocabulary to support their maths, reading and writing
  •          Embed the “Talk for Writing” approach in all classes to support reading and writing development.
  •          Promote reading, and continue to invest in reading resources
  •          Continue to develop mastery teaching in maths in all classes
  •          Review our approach to feedback and marking
  •          Support children to narrow the attainment gap with their peers

Continue to develop our broad, rich curriculum in order to engage our pupils in their learning

We plan to: 


  •          Broaden children’s vocabulary across the curriculum
  •          Raise the profile of the creative arts
  •          Introduce a new music scheme of work
  •          Introduce a new Religious Education scheme of work
  •          Broaden children’s awareness of the world outside of Burrough Green

Continue to develop our EYFS offer

We plan to:


  •          Support children’s social and emotional development, mitigating the impact of Covid isolations.
  •          Embed the “Talk for Writing” approach to support communication and language development
  •          Foster independent learning behaviours and self-challenge
  •          Embed the new EYFS Statutory Framework

Support the mental health and well-being of the school community

We plan to:


  •          Embed our new values in the life of our school (Aspiration, Resilience, Kindness)
  •          Create more opportunities for pupils’ ideas and opinions to be heard
  •          Embed the Cambridgeshire Steps approach
  •          Review and enhance our strategies for supporting pupils’ mental health in school
  •          Use YMCA materials for staff training
  •          Continue to use the Early Help process and the Cambs Well-Being team to support our families

Re-engage as a community

We plan to:


  •          Develop a buddy system between our Y5 and YR/1 pupils
  •          Prioritise Collective Worship
  •          Plan opportunities for children of different ages to work together
  •          *Create a range of opportunities for parents to share in the work of the school and engage with children’s learning
  •          *Create opportunities to involve the wider community in the work of the school


*These are dependent on the LA and PH advice and guidance relating to Covid-19