At Burrough Green Primary school our aim is for every child to be excited to write and to be able to express themselves through writing. To help achieve this we use the Talk for Writing approach which is based on research about how children learn. It is a systematic approach taught throughout the school which teaches children how to write different text types. Each unit takes children through three phases: Imitation, Innovation and Independent application. Details of each of the phases can be found below:
Imitation: Following a 'hook' to grab the children's interest the children spend time exploring and orally learning a model text, complete with actions and drama activities to help them to internalise it. They also read it as a reader to identify key vocabulary and writer tools.
Innovation: This has a writing focus, taught through shared and guided writing focussing on the handwriting, phonics/spelling and grammar that is needed for the focus text type. This provides children the chance to practice parts of the texts in a scaffolded way.
Independent Application: This is where children plan, write and edit their own version of the text type they have been studying. 
Please see below the texts that we will be covering this year.