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Student Representatives

Please find below the following information on our student representatives.

All student bodies were voted for using a fair democratic process that follows the ideal of democracy in the United Kingdom.

School Council - These children will meet regularly with school staff to influence school policy and make changes as guided by the headteacher. For example, this year the Council will be given a small budget to design and build a 'reflection space' in the playground/field.

Oliver and Yasin - OBAMA

Jenson and Omar - TERESA

Flora and Bea - EINSTEIN

Ellen and Rosie - MALALA


House Captains - These children will motivate and galvanise students at house events, such as Sports Day.

Arthur and JP - CAGE

Isabelle and Ben - KNIGHT

Minnie and George - MARCH

Sienna and Emily - WATSON


Prayer Team - These children will deliver all services/performances in the local church as well as contribute to assemblies.

Lottie, Lucy, Macie and Mia-Grace