Collective Worship

First and foremost we are not a faith school for Christians, but a church school for everyone. Collective worship happens everyday.

Collective worship gives us the opportunity to:

  • Time to reflect in our busy world
  • Explore big questions
  • Respond to national events
  • Deepen spiritual awareness
  • Explore our values
  • Share our challenges and successes
  • Reflect on Christian teachings
  • Reflect on British values
  • Celebrate special times

We regularly invite parents to join us in our collective worship.  (Please see our calendar for details.)

St Augustine's Church, Burrough Green
We enjoy our visits to the Church for special services such as Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas and Easter, and welcome families and the wider community to join us. Click the link below for access to the website.
Our school is situated within the Ely Diocese. For more information, please see the link below.
For more information about Collective Worship in church schools in the Diocese of Ely, please follow the link below.
Parents have the right to withdraw their children from collective worship.  If you wish to discuss this, please contact us.