Meet our School Council

Welcome to our School Council page.

We are a group of children from Year 1 to Year 6 who have been elected by our classmates to represent them and put their views forward.
We meet every two weeks to discuss ideas and suggestions that have been put forward to make our school an even better place.
18th October 2021:
Thank you to everyone for completing our first pupil questionnaire of the year. From this, we noted that:
1) Some of you are unsure about who your school council representatives are
2) You would like more clubs in the school at lunchtimes.
We are going to put posters in each classroom so you know who your representatives are from each class and who to talk to. We also discussed some important clubs we think our school might be interested in and have let the teachers who will be running these clubs know. Clubs will be starting from next half term. 
We are now interested in hearing your views on how we could raise money for Children in Need in November. Please let us know any ideas you have!