Newsletter 03.06.2020

3rd June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers


Well done Squirrels, Hedgehogs and Eagles for coming back to school and settling into new routines so quickly.  I know things are a little strange, but it is lovely to have you back!


The “What you need to know” information for parents is attached to this email.  If you haven’t read it yet, it is very important that you do – it contains information about what to wear and what to bring.  There were a few mistakes from Eagles this morning – no bags in future!


Social distancing

I want to thank parents for following the new procedures at drop-off and collection times.  The staggered start and finish times, and one-way system with 2m markings is working well - almost all parents have managed to follow it.


I would like to remind everyone that it is very important that you arrive at the right time so that your child’s group leader can let the children in/out promptly.  It is particularly important that you leave the site as soon as your child is in the building (or you have collected them) so that the front of the school is clear of parents before the next bubble starts to arrive.  Remember, if you need to talk to a member of staff to pass on information or ask questions, please come into the lobby.  It is important that the group leaders can get back to the classroom in the morning as quickly as possible to work with their group.  If you have to bring a younger sibling with you at the start or end of the day, then they must stay with you at all times.  It is not appropriate in the current situation for children to be running around at the front of the school.


We want to keep each other safe, and the children are trying very hard to be socially responsible and follow the new routines in school.  However, the measures that we are putting in place to protect the staff and the community of Burrough Green will only reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 if families are also following social distancing guidance out of school.  In the current circumstances, headteachers are allowed to refuse your child a place in school if you are not following social distancing guidelines.


Full government guidance on social distancing can be found here.  At the current time the main points in the document are:


You must not:

  •          gather in groups of more than six people with people you do not live with
  •          visit friends or family inside their home or any other indoor place
  •          stay away from your own home overnight, except for in a limited set of circumstances, such as for work purposes, funerals or avoiding harm.


Behaviour Policy

As things are different in school at the moment, we have needed to make some changes or additions to some of our policies, including our behaviour policy.  In the current pandemic situation, difficult or dangerous behaviours carry an increased risk to the health of the other children and staff.  The new policy is on our website, and also attached to this email.


School Fruit and Veg Scheme for KS1

Unfortunately the free fruit/veg snack scheme for children in key stage 1 has been suspended.  We will provide the KS1 children with fruit this week, more details about next week to follow.



This is an unsettling time for all of us, and I know that you will have questions at times.  We are doing our best to answer your queries and address your concerns as quickly as possible, but please bear in mind that we might not reply to emails that you send after 6pm until the next day.  Even headteachers need to sleep (and spend their evenings home-teaching their own children)!


Reminder of start and collection times

EAGLES – 8.50am – 3.20pm Mon (Fri 12.40pm)

HEDGEHOGS – 9.00am – 3.10pm (Fri 12.30pm)

SQUIRRELS – 9.10am – 3.00pm (Fri 12.20pm)

Please note that on Fridays, the school day will finish at lunchtime for all children (after they have eaten) 


Anna Hayesmore