Newsletter 16.07.2021

16th July 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


Please see the calendar on our website for up-to-date event information.  Please see our Twitter feed to find out more about what’s been happening in school.



Please remember that we will not be changing any of our systems for the final four days of term.  We will continue to operate as we have been doing since March, and you should continue to follow current procedures e.g. at the beginning and ends of each day etc.


We are planning for September to be “normal”.  We will produce an FAQ document describing “normal” in due course – we know that some of you have never experienced “normal” at BG!



Miss Payne will be leaving us at the end of term, as she starts her teacher training in September.  Class 2 have been very lucky to have Miss Payne with them this year.  She is going to be a fantastic teacher and a credit to the profession; we are very proud that she started that journey here with us at Burrough Green.  We have also been very lucky to have Miss Nutter with us this year.  She is moving to a new school where she will be taking on a full-time sporting role – her dream job!  We will miss both of them very much, and I know you will join me in wishing them well in their new schools.  Thank you, both, for being a part of the BG team during this unusual and challenging year!


Cambridge Kids Club

Unfortunately, Cambridge Kids Club are not able to run an after school club for us at Burrough Green.  We are hugely disappointed about this, but have to respect that it is not a viable option for them.  We are still looking for alternatives, and will keep you updated next term.


REMINDER: COVID Isolation Information

Please remember that if you or your child has COVID symptoms (cough, temperature above normal or altered sense of taste and smell) your entire household must isolate (guidance in place until 19th July).   You must take the person with symptoms to a test centre for a PCR test. 


LFTs should not be used with children of primary age, nor for anyone experiencing symptoms.  If children display COVID symptoms at school, we will isolate them and contact you to collect them to take them for a PCR test. Please notify us of positive test results as soon as possible.


From 19th July to the 16th of August, anyone (including children) who has been in close contact with a positive case of COVID will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace and told to isolate for 10 days.  As cases are rising in our area, it is very important that you continue to be vigilant about looking out for COVID symptoms in yourself and the people you mix with. 


REMINDER - Bank Holidays and INSET days Summer 22

Schools have been given a day off in the summer term next year in lieu of the additional bank holiday for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee (which falls in the summer half term).  We have talked to our cluster schools and LVC to align our day with them to make it easier for parents with children in both schools.  We had planned to have an INSET day on July 1st, however, as LVC has chosen to add their Jubilee Day to the previous weekend, we have decided to move our inset day back by one week.  This means that BGPS will be closed to children on Friday 24th and Monday 27th June 2022, giving you the same long weekend as LVC.  Let’s hope the weather is good!


End of term Special Lunches

Leavers lunch – Thursday 23rd July


Dates for the rest of the Summer Term

Please be aware that some of our plans for the summer may be impacted by risk reduction measures, so details of the following events may change.


Monday 19th (afternoon) – Class 3 and 4 performance to Classes 1 and 2 without mixing bubbles


Tuesday 20th July – 6:30pm Class 3 and 4 performance of “Shakespeare Rocks”

Wednesday 21st July – 6:30pm Class 3 and 4 performance “Shakespeare Rocks”


Thursday 22nd July – 9:15am Y6 Leavers’ Assembly

Thursday 22nd July – End of Summer Term


Anna Hayesmore and Burrough Green Team




Virtual Balloon Race (starts tomorrow!)

There's still some time to buy a balloon for the race starting at 12 noon on Saturday!  Just £3 secures you the chance to win some great prizes


Thank you all for your ongoing support!

The last year has proved incredibly challenging for everyone, not least the pupils, school staff and parents. The committee and team have had to organise events in a very different way over the past months, but in spite of it all you have supported and donated to PTA events so very generously.

We wish you all a restful and fun summer holidays!


Amazon Wish Lists

A big thank you to parents who have brought items from the wish lists, it is very much appreciated that you are supporting the school. You can find our wish lists here: 

Class 1:

Class 2:

Class 3:

Class 4: