Newsletter 16.10.2020

16th October 2020
Dear Parents and Carers
For details of future events, please visit our website to view our calendar and community noticeboard with local events and October half term activities.
Face Coverings
From Monday (19th October) we are asking all adults coming onto the school site (including outside) to wear a face covering.  We have seen that it is hard for parents to remain sufficiently socially distanced on the school site and are often closer than 2m to each other, particularly at the end of the school day.  As cases are increasing nationally, we need to work together to keep the number of cases in our area low: to protect each other so that your children’s learning is not disrupted.
Parent Consultations
Thank you to everyone who has signed up for a virtual meeting either next Wednesday (21st October) or on the Tuesday after our half term holiday (November 3rd).  Today is the last day to book an appointment if you haven’t done so yet.  You will receive a Google Meet link via ClassDojo or Tapestry in advance of the meeting.  Meetings will start at ten-minute intervals, so will need to finish promptly to allow the class teacher to open the next meeting on time.  We have our fingers crossed that technology won’t let us down!
As the weather is getting colder and wetter, the children are starting to need gloves and hats to keep warm at playtimes, and this is adding to the number of things they need to carry to and from school.  From Monday, your child can bring a bag with them if they need one.  This bag must be small (just big enough for reading book/record, water bottle and hat/gloves).  It must be able to hang from a peg.  It must also be washable, as, like their school clothes, it must be washed frequently.  It must also be clearly labelled on the outside with your child’s name so it is easily identifiable without needing to be touched.  A drawstring PE bag approximately 30cm x 40cm would be ideal.  Your child should have a green BGPS PE bag that they used to use for their PE kit; we have some in the office that you can purchase for £3, or other colours can be purchased very cheaply from a popular online retailer.  The children must not bring bookbags (as they don’t hang well, and we cannot store them together in a box as we used to).  No rucksacks either – they are too big.  Please remember, they do not need to bring any items into school other than their coat, book, water bottle, hat/gloves (and lunchbox if they need one).  If your child has waterproof trousers and wellies, they can be left in school and do not need to go home each day.
Playground Bark
All of the children and staff at BGPS would like to say a huge thank-you to the parents who came to spread bark last weekend.  It is fantastic!  The children are loving the larger area that they have now, with easier access to the learning stable – the excitement on Monday was palpable!  Bubble B will have their playtimes on the new bark area next week.
Harvest Donations
As it is not possible for us to hold our usual Harvest Festival service this year, we would like to encourage you and your children to make a donation to a supermarket food bank while you are out shopping instead.  The Trussell Trust work closely with Tesco and Waitrose, to provide food parcels for families in need, which is more important than ever in the current circumstances.  You can read more about their work here.
Reminder: PSHE Questionnaire – please complete by the end of Saturday 17th October (tomorrow)
If you haven’t had a chance to complete our short questionnaire yet, please visit to help us review our teaching and learning in RSE (Relationships and Sex Education).  Mrs Leadbeter is our PSHE lead teacher, and has written a letter and a leaflet about our review process (attached to this newsletter).  Thank you for your help with this.  If you have any questions about RSE, or PSHE in general, please contact Mrs Leadbeter through the school office.
Reminder: warm clothing and waterproof trousers, please!
Thank you to all the children who have brought waterproof trousers and wellies to school.  (Remember that children in Classes 2, 3 and 4 are also welcome to wear waterproof trousers and wellies at playtimes!)
Reminder: Half Term Holiday
We have one week left at school before our half term holiday.  School will close at the end of the day on Friday 23rd October, and re-open on Monday 2nd November.  
Reminder: Data Collection Forms and Photographic Permission Form
Please check, amend and return your child’s data collection form to the school office. Please return even if there are no changes.
Reminder: Reception Parents
Please bring in your child’s full birth certificate to the office to copy, if you have not yet done so.
PTA News
Playground Bark - the PTA would like to say a really big thankyou to all those who were involved in the planning and application of the new bark in the playground last weekend. There were so many willing volunteers that the 18.5 tonnes of bark was laid in record time! We have had some very positive feedback from the children and hope that this will provide a great 'all weather' play surface for many years to come.
Easy fundraising - this is another excellent option for shopping online with over 4000 retailers, whilst raising extra money for the PTA school funds. Like Amazon Smile, each purchase generates a donation to our cause (Burrough Green PTA and Friends). Check out the link below for fashion, food, travel and insurance retail:
Bags2School - the next Bags2School collection will be on Tuesday 17th November. Please bring unwanted clothing (not uniform), bed linen (no duvets or pillows please), accessories and soft toys to school in bags by 9am. Donation point will be near the Reading Room.
Amazon Wish List
A big thank you to parents who have brought items from the Class wish lists, it is very much appreciated that you are supporting the school. You can find our wish list here: 
Anna Hayesmore and the Burrough Green staff