Reading in key stage 2

Teaching reading in key stage 2
Children read daily in school and take part in whole class reading sessions where the focus is on the development of fluency, comprehension or using a piece of text to understand how writers use language to develop atmosphere, tension or characterisation. Individual readers may still be prioritised along with small group work depending on the individuals within each class. There are library sessions too where children are encouraged to choose from the non-fiction selection available to further their study or interests (there are no levels here that restrict what they can choose). All of this is done together. Children’s understanding is challenged through the choice of text, but supported through meaningful questions and discussion.
Reading at home in key stage 2
we still encourage parents and carers to read daily with their children. Having discussions about what they have read is also a good habit to get into as they get older. teachers will help to support each child to choose a suitable book for them to read at home and in school. Children in key stage 2 have an online reading diary where they record the reading that they have been doing.