Statement of purpose:

To provide for children of all abilities aged 4-11 years a high quality all round education within a Christian context so as to
develop in each child his or her full potential. To prepare those children both for their future education and to equip
them with the skills for life in society.

Our school values embody what we believe is most important to help us fulfil our purpose and build the people our
community needs.

Welcome to Burrough Green Church of England Primary School

Welcome to Burrough Green Church of England Primary School
The last four years have been a period of unparalleled success in the very long life of this ancient school. I am delighted to say that the excellent results in 2015 have been sustained in 2016 during a period of considerable change in the landscape of education and assessment. The attainment of our Year 6 leavers has again been well above their national counterparts in the key areas of Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Maths. This cements the rising performance trend over the last 5 years and is a result of many factors. Not least of these is the quality and professionalism of staff, the energy and enthusiasm of our pupils, the dedication of parents and governors and a very clear vision of the kind of school we want to be, based on our values. We recognise that success has to reflect the broader needs and interests of pupils too. Therefore, winning awards in county competitions in the field of sport and culture yet again this year, as well as the safety and well-being of our pupils, are also precious to us. Above all Burrough Green has a very good heart and I would encourage anyone interested in primary education to come and take a look.
Keith Archer – Head Teacher

Visits to the school are warmly welcomed.


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