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Curriculum Intention

At Burrough Green CofE Primary School, we are committed to providing an ‘arts rich curriculum’ for our pupils. We believe in fostering a love of art in children that will contribute to the quality of their lives, both within and beyond school, enabling them to be the very best they can be. At Burrough Green, our broad art curriculum will enable our pupils to develop knowledge of a range of culturally diverse artists and will allow them to develop visual literacy. Our teaching will also allow pupils to think critically and to evaluate their own work and that of others, thus developing a specialist vocabulary.

Through our curriculum, based upon a progression of skills and in line with the National Curriculum Programmes of Study, we will provide opportunities for our pupils to:

  • Use a variety of materials, tools and techniques safely, experimentally and with increasing confidence
  • Develop a range of art and design techniques using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space (Key Stage One)
  • Improve their mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing, painting and sculpture with a range of materials (Key Stage Two)
  • Express their own responses, feelings and ideas using visual, tactile, verbal and written means where appropriate
  • Recognise the contribution that art makes to learning in other subjects and aspects, such as English, mathematics and the spiritual and moral dimensions
  • Develop an increasing knowledge and understanding of the contribution of artists, designers and craft makers to cultures past and present
  • Develop aesthetic sensibilities so that they can respond sensitively and thoughtfully
  • Develop their own unique and personal ideas

Curriculum Implementation

At Burrough Green CofE Primary School, we pride ourselves on the consistent approach to teaching and learning that can be observed across all phases of school. This is achieved through our commitment to cutting edge CPD and quality first teaching on a daily basis. Expectations of staff and pupils are high, resulting in good or outstanding progress in all phases. There is a universal understanding of what outstanding teaching, learning and assessment should entail. These strategies are consistently used throughout school and it is the expectation of leadership that all lessons will include a variety of these to enable learners to reach their full potential. Active learning is essential in all aspects of the lesson. All staff use the same terminology so that learners develop a knowledge and understanding of the different ways they learn.

At Burrough Green, we believe the best teaching, learning and assessment must include the following:

  • Challenge for all
  • Collaborative learning
  • Assessment for learning
  • Questioning
  • Progression within lessons and books
  • Learning behaviours

At Burrough Green CofE Primary School, our art curriculum is delivered through a module every term (see long term planning).

A typical art module may include the following:

  • Introduction to the artist/genre
  • Analysis (written and verbal) of examples of the artist’s work
  • Demonstration and exploration of techniques used by the artist/genre
  • Development of ideas in a sketchbook
  • A final piece of artwork
  • Evaluation

This, of course, may deviate slightly depending on the teacher’s planning.

Sketchbooks are very important.

Pupils use sketchbooks to:

  • Collect and analyse examples of art
  • Sketch and record observations
  • Practice techniques using a variety of media
  • Develop and evaluate their own ideas, leading to a final piece

Pupils are encouraged to take ownership and pride in their sketchbooks.

Where possible, visits to art galleries/museums and artist visits are arranged to further enhance pupil learning.

Curriculum Impact

At Burrough Green CofE Primary School, our art curriculum allows pupils to express themselves and connect with the wider world. As well as developing creativity and a love of art, the skills they learn can be transferred to other curriculum areas.

By the end of Key Stage Two, our pupils will have knowledge and understanding of a range of great artists and genres of art. When creating art, they will develop a sense of innovation that will be important in their adult lives and a love of art should be nurtured for their future learning at high school.