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Larks and Owls

Larks and Owls Booking Form - Summer 2 Click Here


Welcome to Burrough Green C of E Primary School’s WRAP-AROUND-CARE

Larks and Owls at Burrough Green C of E Primary School provides wrap-around-care for our pupils both before and after school.

All pupils, from Reception to Year 6, are eligible to join this club. Both clubs are run by our experienced and dedicated staff.

Our aim is to provide a range of stimulating activities, incorporating play and homework opportunities for your children in a safe and nurturing environment.

Opening Times

We are open every weekday during term time except school PD days and emergency closures.

Morning sessions run from 07:30 until school starts at 08.45, when children are handed over to their class teacher by the Lark’s staff.

Afternoon sessions run from 15:30 to 18:00.  All children will be dropped at Owls by the class teacher, after other children have been dismissed.  If your child is attending an after-school activity, they will be escorted to Owls by the leader of the after-school activity.


A Registration Form must be completed in full for each child attending either one, or both, of the clubs.  These are available from the school office and can be either downloaded (see below).  A child will not be allowed to attend either club if the Registration Form has not been received.  It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to inform the school of any changes, e.g. contact details. Your child's slot will need to be booked via the Google Form link (see below).


At Larks, there will be juice, milk or water available to drink. The children will have the option of toast (with various spreads/jams) and a range of healthy cereals. There will be fruit/vegetables available. 

In Owls, there will be juice, milk or water available to drink. The children will have the option of toast (with various spreads/jams), yogurt and fruit/vegetables will be available.


These are relaxed and flexible in a calm and comfortable environment, recognising that children need to unwind and relax after the school day.  They can choose whether they wish to join in with a range of planned, structured activities both indoor and outdoor, such as those involving sport, or choose quiet reading and board games.  There will be some themed nights linked to curriculum topics, current events and special days and staff will take the lead from the children’s own interests.  There will be a weekly film night. On occasions, 'tech' or 'devices' may be available for the children to use.

Booking Information

Please book by completing the Google Form below.

Bookings will ideally be made at least one week before the session is required.


Fees must be paid in advance

Burrough Green C of E Primary School reserves the right to withdraw the place from your child and refuse further bookings following non-payment of fees.

Breakfast session 7.30am until 8:45am - £5.00 (additional siblings £4.00) (No food after 8.30am)

After school until 5.00pm - £6.00 (additional siblings £4.80) Monday - Friday

After school until 6.00pm - £9.00 (additional siblings £7.20) Monday - Friday

Fees will not be refunded unless the session is cancelled.

Please note that children attending afterschool clubs and requiring childcare afterwards for any portion of time, will need to be booked in for full sessions.

Collecting your child

Children will need to be collected from the side entrance.  Once there, knock/buzz and wait for a member of staff.  There will be an additional charge of £5 for pick-ups that are more than five minutes late.


Our wrap-around-care services will adopt the school’s policies and procedures.  Children are expected to respect the ethos and values of the school while attending these clubs as they would during the school day.

First Aid

All staff are First Aid trained.  Any minor accidents or incidents will be dealt with and parents will be notified on collection.  Parents/carers will be contacted immediately should the child need to be taken home or receive further medical treatment.


The safety and wellbeing of your child is of paramount importance to us.  Our Headteacher, Mr David Sandford is our designated safeguarding lead and in his absence any issues should be reported directly to Mrs Alice Leadbeter

Questions and Queries

If you have any issues surrounding our wrap-around-care provision, please take this up in the first instance with Larks/Owls staff. We will always aim to resolve any problems as quickly and efficiently as we can.  If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, then please consult with the Headteacher, who has ultimate responsibility for this provision.

Larks and Owls Booking Form - Summer 1

Larks and Owls Booking Form - Summer 2