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School Improvement


Target Position

  • To ensure that quality first teaching (QFT) is driving standards towards good or better across the school in all subjects, thus enabling ALL children to make significant progress from their starting point and especially the disadvantaged and bottom 20% (or those not at age related expectations). This will ensure that provision in every class and key stage is at least good.


  • To review, adapt and develop our curriculum so:
  1. Each subject is taught discretely.
  2. Teachers deliver both substantive and disciplinary knowledge in all subject so children have the opportunity to become ’experts’ in their learning, which leads to a secure understanding across all subjects.
  3. Teachers feel in control of their subjects, being able to ensure consistency across the school.
  4. Teachers have implemented a skills/knowledge progression document for each subject, ensuring the national curriculum is covered.
  5. There are a wide range of opportunities to promote the children’s ‘Cultural Capital’


  • To review, embed and monitor the phonics and spellings programme. Ensure they are implemented consistently, well-resourced and all relevant staff are trained adequately.


  • To continue to develop our EYFS provision
  1. GLD to be in line with or above national average
  2. Provide and embed rich and stimulating continuous and enhanced provision inside and outside the classroom


  • Support and develop the Christian ethos and the mental health and well-being of the school community
  1. Embed effective ELSA provision across the school
  2. Provide and embed wrap-around-care for the school community
  3. Create a “safe space” for children with emotional needs
  4. Create a ‘Prayer Garden’ in the playground
  5. To continue to develop out Christian Ethos through structured assemblies, linking Christian Values to British Values